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“We have been working with Rapport Benefits Group for in excess of 10 years. They are unquestionably the best insurance broker and advisory company we have ever worked with.

Not only do they work effectively to come up with the best alternatives to health care and dental coverage, but they were invaluable in assisting us with the adoption of an HSA program that made perfect sense for our employee group.
As an ongoing and everyday service, their help with individual employee insurance related situations is beyond value. We are able to assist our employees by referring them to a Rapport representative who is knowledgeable and diligent in digging out the best answers for their particular problem. Their follow-up and persistence is perfect.

If you would like to speak to me regarding this recommendation letter or our experiences, please call. The number is 253.922.7188 ext 202”

— Wayne D. McCann, Operations Manager, Art Morrison Enterprises, Inc.

“Sean has been consistently putting out fires and fixing issues for me in these last few weeks. Organization for the new healthcare reform has been a slow start for me (putting it very nicely for myself). There have been quite a few billings issues and enrollment errors on my part or on the fault of the carrier. Sean jumps right in to fix the issues, he is constantly calling and updating me via email. EVERY issue that I have had, Sean has been able to fix and QUICKLY. He has even taken care of an issue that should have been fixed with my last broker.

I will call him apologizing and he keeps saying things like, ”that’s ok.. this is what I am here for.” It has just been great. I don’t even want to think of the mess I would be in if I was still with my previous broker”

— Venus Hayes, Human Resource Manager Farwest Sports Inc. “Sportco”

“You are the best, I really mean that! I just can’t get over how responsive you are and always go above and beyond what you need to do. Thank you so much!”

— Erlene Helsham, GoImmedia

“Rapport Benefits has weighed in at least four or five times to help me deal with lab, hospital and clinic bills, each time cutting through confusion and runaround and resolving matters in a way most helpful to me. They are professionals at navigating the minefield of health insurance and providing expert advocacy between patient, provider and physician. They are also wizards at finding just the right policy to meet your needs. Twice now I have been helped in securing international health insurance with broad coverage at a rate that was affordable.

I can’t be complimentary enough about Rapport Benefits Group – just count me as a fan!”

— Shirley Solomon, Skagit Watershed

“Rapport was the broker at my previous job and I was thrilled with the excellent customer service. So much so that when I started at General Biodiesel, one of the first changes I put in place was to bring them in as our broker here.

Customer service is a big deal for me. I really like it that I never have to try and deal with the carrier myself. All I ever have to do is just e-mail or call and they will find out anything I need to know.

They are also very good at directly dealing with my employees who may have questions or concerns about doctors’ fees and costs. When I tell my employees that we have an advocate I really believe that. I greatly appreciate the personalized service I get with Rapport.”

— Shelley Dillon, General Biodiesel

“Rapport Benefits Group has been our broker for 10 years. Christina Cross and Chris Free have both been absolutely wonderful over the years with the level of service which they consistently offer to our organization. We were first introduced to their company when they were much smaller. Luckily as they have grown, their level of service has remained at a very high and consistent level. They have always made themselves available to assist in any way they possibly can at both the employer level and to our employees.

Our company currently does not have a large human resource department, so their assistance with claims and policy negotiations have been greatly appreciated over the years.”

— Susan Heye, JL Darling dba Rite in the Rain

“You succeed in setting yourself apart. Not just from other insurance brokers, but in your excellent customer service in general. Thank You!”

— Jordan Day, Seattle Athletic Club

“We have been with Rapport for two years now, and have received excellent customized service that has been surprising in its thoroughness and professionalism. Many of our staff now know to call them directly for insurance questions, which has help my office manage the benefits issues much more effectively. I would whole-heartedly recommend Rapport to anyone who is looking for a full-service broker that stays involved long after open enrollment.”

— Steve Knipp, Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle|King County

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