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Regular Plan Performance Analysis

You want to control costs? The first step is understanding exactly where the spending is occurring. With Rapport’s easy to understand, comprehensive utilization reports, we can assist in devising strategies that deliver savings and happy employees.

Annual Market Analysis

We know the benefits market. Our rapport with carriers combined with our intense creativity ensures we can always deliver the best benefits plan for the best price.

Renewal Negotiations & Implementation

We understand the barrage of documents that need to be distributed and collected when implementing a new plan or renewing the plan that’s served you well for years. We make sure nothing is missed and everything goes where it needs to go.

Custom Designed Benefit Programs

It’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ insurance plan. It’s about creating sustainable benefits programs that meet the needs of your diverse workforce and the unique needs of their family members.

Federal & State Compliance Assistance

PPACA, ERISA, COBRA, FMLA, GINA, HIPAA, CHIPRA, Medicare Part D, NMHPA, WHCRA, and the list goes on. We have specialists on our team that can answer questions regarding all of these topics and assist in setting up legally compliant processes for your company.

Human Resource Support & Documentation Review

Not everything needs to be reviewed by an attorney. We are happy to review DOL notices, and even supply our clients with model notices that they can customize. Our consultants are also members of the Society of Human Resource Managers and have access to thousands of HR Professionals for questions we can’t answer off the top of our heads.

Total Compensation Strategies

Compensation is one of many human resource tools that organizations use to manage their employees. For an organization to receive its money’s worth and motivate and retain skilled employees, it needs to ensure that its compensation system is not an island by itself. This is where we come in. We help you develop compensation plans that entail a variety of aspects including pay scales, reward programs, benefits packages and company perks. A successful strategic compensation plan allows your business to compete in the market for the best employees in your industry. We then help you create your communications around your employees total compensation in a meaningful way.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Handbook

The first step to ensuring your employees appreciate their benefits package is clear communication. Rapport develops custom educational materials and curricula for employees to drive greater satisfaction and better utilization of the benefits you provide.

Employee Educational Meetings

Employee benefits are for creating good will with employees. Being confused by insurance plans, no matter how good they are, will never create good will. We create custom employee benefit education programs to help your employees better understand how to get the most out of their employee benefits and set t h e expectations of what their participation may look like.

Escalated Issue Resolution

We hope you never need this. But, if you do, you’ll be glad to have a competent, well-versed advisor with decades of experience and relationships to help unwind whatever has escalated to your desk.

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