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Providers can make you pay up front!

Author: Venus Dean-Bullinger    Posted: August 2, 2016

So, I just had surgery a couple months ago.  I was caught off guard when the outpatient surgical facility asked me to pay my portion of the bill “up front”.  This seemed odd to me when I didn’t even have a High-Deductible Health Plan.  Nonetheless, they advised that this is how they handle their billing at many facilities now.  So, I requested they divide it into 3 installments, and payed the first before I went into surgery.

Now, because I am on a moderate deductible plan, it wasn’t so bad.  But, if I had been on a High-Deductible Health Plan, that could have been more painful than the actual surgery.  I’m bringing this to your attention because more and more employers are moving their employees to the High-Deductible Health Plans.  They can be a wonderful tool for saving healthcare premium dollars, as well as, for paying medical expenses “Pre-Taxed”! Often it’s the best option for employees and employers alike.

You may wonder why this new phenomena is occurring?  It’s simply because more and more of us are coming into the healthcare arena with the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals and facilities are finding that many of their patience cannot afford the high deductible and out of pocket maximums.  Thus, leaving the facilities high and dry, or holding the bag.  To mitigate some of that cost/loss, they are making patients pay in advance.

Remember, HDHP’s (High Deductible Health Plans) can be a great option for you and your family but, the best way to utilize them, is to fund your HSA (Health Savings Account) with that pre-taxed money!

Just in case you were wondering, an individual can deposit $3350 into their HSA for 2016, and a family can deposit $6750 for 2016.

If you are over the age of 55, you can add an extra $1000.00 “Catch Up”.

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