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Individual Plans

Individuals are now required to obtain Minimum Essential Coverage or pay a tax penalty when they file in 2015. Coverage is available through Washington’s Marketplace, the Washington Healthplanfinder, or directly through private insurance carriers.

To help you navigate all of the individual insurance options, Rapport has created a tool that will navigate you through our private individual insurance portal (quote-it link goes here).

Short-Term Medical Insurance

You never want to go without health insurance. At some point in life you may need to cover yourself with a temporary health insurance policy. Having temporary health insurance can protect you when:

  • You’re between jobs
  • You’re recently graduated from college
  • You’re in the probationary period at your new employer
  • You’re a temp or seasonal employee

These policies can be purchased for as little as 30 days or as long as 1 year – entirely up to you and your needs. You get coverage for prescription drugs and the freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals. You can choose your deductible and even cover your family on your policy. While these policies protect you financially from catastrophic health occurrences, they do not meet the criteria for the 10 essential elements of the ACA’s definition of a health plan and you may still be subject to a “no insurance” penalty on your taxes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Rapport Benefits Group. If you’re ready to enroll, click the link below:

Information about the Exchange

Need financial help with your health insurance premium?

More people than ever before are getting financial help to lower the cost of coverage. Free and low-cost plans are available to those who qualify based on income and family size. Rapport’s individual specialists can help you choose a plan that works for you and your family.

Travel Insurance

Protect your travel investment with trip cancellation and travel insurance. Whether traveling to Cancun for vacation, participating in a business seminar, or just venturing away from home, you need 24-hour coverage and assistance. Rapport has combed the “insurance world” for, what we feel, are the most comprehensive travel policies available. Contact one of your trusted advisors for more information.

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