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Rapport Benefits Group was established in 2006. Founders Christina M. Cross and Christopher D. Free saw a clear need to make changes to improve the healthcare finance system. After discussing various potential strategies and strategic partners, Chris and Christina struck out to create new methods of paying for care that were more efficient and would drive down long term cost-increasing trends. Alongside this concern for ever increasing costs was the experience that they both had working directly with employees trying to navigate the healthcare marketplace and the difficulties they experienced when dealing with health insurance companies — the primary payer in the traditional US healthcare system. This experience led to the second piece of Rapport’s model — customer service. Rapport’s staff is quite adept at connecting the broken pieces of our system and could use that knowledge to increase the satisfaction level for individual employees.

The founders realized that the value of an employee benefit plan is not based on a medical insurance deductible or other technical aspect of an insurance plan. The value was in delivering access to high quality healthcare without unreasonable exposure to financial loss and without confusion and frustration for the patient. Rapport spent most of 2007 developing the tools needed to package and present these complex concepts to employers that would allow them to make the shift from a pure insurance model to a risk management model without additional liability. In addition to employer tools, Rapport developed a robust employee education platform that allowed for customized information to be distributed and digested by employees. In 2008, Rapport and its strategic partners began working with the State and Federal legislature on models of healthcare finance and delivery that did not exist previously.

As healthcare reform began to take shape, we had to adapt many of our models to fit the new reforms and have done so successfully. Because of this successful transition and robust customer service platform, Rapport’s client retention rate has been over 90% since it was founded. In 2011, our growth necessitated our hiring new staff with specific skill sets in self-funded insurance plan creation and administration, as well as individual voluntary plan enrollment. Both of these models will become more common as we move forward in this marketplace and our new staff allows us to integrate these models with our already creative approach to insurance.

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