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Generics prescriptions saved our family and our clients a lot of money!

Author: Venus Dean-Bullinger    Posted: May 18, 2015

Some or you know that generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs that have exactly the same intended use, effects, safety and risk concerns as their original brand-name counterparts.  An example of this would be simvastatin (generic), vs Zocor (brand-name).  Both are “statin” drugs used to help reduce bad cholesterol.  The reason I use this example is because I struggled for years with my husband to choose the generic form over the brand-name version.  I was paying a co-pay of $10.00  for the generic statin while my husband was paying a $35.00 copay for the brand-name!  For some reason, he thought that if he used the generic form, it would turn him into Godzilla or something!  Or maybe it just wouldn’t work… No matter how many times I advised him that the generic shared the same “genetic” makeup as the name brand, he was still reluctant to make the switch.  Ultimately, he gave in and went with the generic simvastatinHis decision meant that our household now saves $300.00 each year on just one prescription.

I wanted to share this with you because it’s one example of the information we share at employee health fairs and benefits education meetings.  As you see, just by changing 1 prescription per year, your family could save significantly.

We also suggest that members use their Mail Order option.  By doing so, you can frequently receive 3 months’ worth of prescriptions for 2 months’ of co-payments, or similar discounts, depending on your benefits.  One thing to remember when purchasing mail order is most carriers have a specific company they use. Make sure you check with us to order from the correct Mail Order pharmacy.  Certain drugs are NOT covered by mail order like: Sonata, Ambien, Tamiflu, Oxycontin and self-injectables….to name a few.  This is why you will want to remember to always call your insurance advocate before making the switch from a “Walk-In/Retail to a Mail-Order” pharmacy.

Once you have chosen to make that change, you will need to contact your doctor to have them write a 90-day prescription for you to submit.  It normally takes longer for your prescription to arrive via mail, so make sure you have an adequate supply at home to tide you over until your mail order arrives.

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